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Choose from thousands of our pool and spa products.

Our above ground pools make everyday a vacation. Your backyard will become a vacation paradise for fun filled days with your family and friends. CPP. above ground pools make an inviting, refreshing morning swim, a cool afternoon dip, or just relaxation any time of the day.

Our Above Ground Pool products are engineered to highest quality, reliability and durability standards. CPP. makes it summer with a variety of affordable above ground pool kits designed to fit every backyard and every budget. Also available with Our Above Ground Pool kits have filters, ladders, maintenance kits, and pool cleaners.

We have a large selection of Pool Covers, Pool Liners, Pool Heaters, Pool Cleaners, Pool Chemicals, Filters, Pumps and many more games, toys and accessories in stock.

All products will be shipped same day when orders are received by 3 p.m. Eastern Time, or the next day if received later.

Click on the tabs above, navigate our site through the menu on the left or browse our most popular items below:

Lather the kids up with sunscreen for they will spend hours at this arcade. Inspired by the carnival gun race. See who can get all the balls out of the tube first!
Quickly and easily skim your pool with the remote controlled Jet Net®. Reach those hard to get to areas in minutes.
Your kids will have a blast with this high quality rugged inflatable slide. The Super Slope comes with a sprinkler that hooks up to your garden hose to keep the slide super slippery.


STEP #1: BALANCE – Pool water must be pH balanced, with this being the first and most important step in order to insure the effectiveness of pool chemicals. This is the first step of our Easy Pool Care™ program.

STEP #2: SANITIZE – Sanitize water is bacteria-free, clean water, and safe for swimming. By using 3” Sanitizing Tablets, they are long-lasting with stabilized effectiveness.

STEP #3: SHOCK – To reduce the effects of cloudy water, chlorine odor, and eye skin irritation you need to Super-chlorination or Shocking. By using Chlor-Burst™ Or Blast Out in the step three program. As a Chlorine-free alternative we also offer Blitz™. Even with weekly maintenance and after treatments you can swim immediately.

STEP #4: ALGAE CONTROL – Prevent algae with our unique Halt™ Algaecide. This will prevent algae before it grows while keeping a crystal clear pool. Super-concentrated algaecide is so powerful it kills all types of algae. Halt™ will not discolor hair, it’s easy to use and low-foaming.

The Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator

The AquaRite is the easiest way for you to sanitize your pool, and keep your crystal clear and silky smooth! The AquaRite uses common salt (the same salt used in water conditioners) and converts it into "free" chlorine.

The chlorine sanitizes your pool and then reverts back into salt. That's right, the salt is recycled and never wears out. With only a teaspoon of salt per gallon, the AquaRite produces enough fresh chlorine daily to keep a 40,000-gallon pool sparkling clean without the chlorine smell. You'll never again have to worry about red irritated eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached bathing suits or green hair!

Browse our most popular items.

<b>Opening & Closing <br> Chemical Kits</b>  Opening & Closing
Chemical Kits

This Kit contains everything you need to open your pool this spring. Each kit was been pre-formulated and pre-measured to fit your pool size.
  <b>Swimming Pool Chemicals</b>  Swimming Pool Chemicals
In preventing most common problems, you first line of defense is pool maintenance. By following this chemical maintenance check list you pool water should stay crystal clear

<b>▪ Above Ground Pool Liner</b>  ▪ Above Ground Pool Liner
Our premium liners are made using the unique Lamiclear™ Process for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sun’s damaging U.V. rays.
▪ OverLap Liners
▪ Beaded Liners
▪ Rectangle Beaded Liners

  <b>Inground Pool Liner</b>  Inground Pool Liner
Kafko’s 20 year warranty is the longest and strongest for any vinyl pool liner made. For the lowest price possible Cheap Pool Products will build your custom liner.
<b>Vinyl Inground Pool Kits</b>  Vinyl Inground Pool Kits
With any In-ground Pool Kit purchase receive a FREE “Chlorease Chlorine Generator” or “Jandy Digital Colors Pool Light”. While checking out our own private label In-ground Pool Kits, many were designed and built by our Owner
  <b>Above Ground Pool Kits</b>  Above Ground Pool Kits
Our Deluxe Pool Kit comes complete with Thru-Wall Hydro Skimmer, Liner, Filter, Ladder & Maintenance Kit. Cheap Pool Products offer a wide range of Above Ground Pools. Also Ultra Kit has everything plus 2 Speed Pump, Pool Fountain, Auto Cleaner and Clorinator.
<b>Authorized S.R.Smith Dealer</b>  Authorized S.R.Smith Dealer
We have a variety of commercial products: Swimming pool pumps, lifeguard chairs, standing platforms, Rails, and much more.

  <b>In-ground Pool <br>Winterizing Accessories</b>  In-ground Pool
Winterizing Accessories

Winterizing your pool is a breeze by finding every thing you need from our winterizing kits, pool anti-freeze, diving board & pool heater covers and much more.
<b>▪ Pool Cartridges</b>  ▪ Pool Cartridges

▪ Spa Cartridges
Thousands of Cartridges in Stock, replacement cartridges are made to all the top manufactures specifications. To ensure crystal clear water and long life try our top quality urethane tops and remay filter elements.

  <b>Above Ground Pool Cleaners</b>  Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Our above ground pool cleaners are quick and easy to install. While keeping you pool clean all season.

<b>Portable Spas & Saunas</b>  Portable Spas & Saunas
Free shipping! When you order Dream Series Portable Spas. They are engineered to perform efficiently indoors or outdoors imagine having a spa in you own home or backyard.
  <b>A/G Solar Heating Panels</b>  A/G Solar Heating Panels

Solar heating systems will quickly heat your in-ground pool with free, reliable solar heat. A properly sized solar system in conjunction with a solar blanket will provide virtually all of the heat for your pool.

I/G Solar Heating Panels

<b>Pool Toys, Games & Lounges</b>  Pool Toys, Games & Lounges
Your kids will have a blast with this high quality rugged Super Slope inflatable slide. Kids will also like to ride on this graceful giant swan, and for the little ones this cute baby seat Fabric Covered Ducky Baby seat. Just a click and see much, much more!
  <b>Ponds and Waterfalls</b>  Ponds and Waterfalls
If you’re a DO-IT-YOURSELFER! Try this Great Pond Kit, includes everything you need with installation and owner’s manual. (Rock, Gravel and Power source are not included)
<b>Swimming Pool <br>Safety Equipment </b>  Swimming Pool
Safety Equipment

All you swimming pool safety supply needs for Residential & Commercial. Remember never permit the pool to be used unless at least one person other than the bather is present. Adult supervision should always be present whenever children are swimming. Never run the filter while there are swimmers in or around the pool. Electrical hook-ups should comply with national and Local electrical codes. We supply Life Vests Type II PFD S/USCG life Jacket.
  <b>Pool Sentry<br> Automatic Pool Filler</b>  Pool Sentry
Automatic Pool Filler

Great for keeping your pool filled while on vacation or controlling the water level in a pool with a slow leak. Pool Sentry prevents water from dropping below your skimmer which can cause costly damages to your pools pump. Easily installs on most pools and connects to a garden hose.
<b>Spa Accessories</b>  Spa Accessories
Purchase you next order with our best deals on Spa Products & Accessories. We also provide Spa Chemical kits to provide everything you need for you spa. These kits are available for spas using bromine and chlorine as the primary sanitizer.
  <b>Diving Board & Stand</b>  Diving Board & Stand
Looking for you next purchase on Diving Boards and Stands. Inter-Fab introduces the T7 Diving Board & Waterfall.

Click to View Video

<b>Swimming Pool Slides</b>  Swimming Pool Slides

Our swimming pool slides add extra thrills to your pool for the young and the young at heart.

X-Streme Slide

  <b>In-Ground Pool Cleaner</b>  In-Ground Pool Cleaner
Every pool needs full cleaning from top to bottom on a regular basis. The Phantom Pressure Cleaner rises to the top of all cleaners. Also Phantom Pressure Cleaner has a $100 Mail in REBATE.

Get $100 Cash Back
when you purchase a
Kreepy Krauly

<b>TruTest Digital Strip Reader</b>  TruTest Digital Strip Reader
This handy test strip reader was developed specifically for the pool and spa owner. Accurately reads Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity on test strips in 15 seconds without visual color matching. Large LCD screen is easy to read reader comes with 10 TruTest strips.
  <b>Swimming Pool Alarm</b>  Swimming Pool Alarm
Pool Alarm System will protect your children and pets, pool alarm systems patented subsurface wave detector. Safety features include childproof on/off switch, low battery signal, power check test button, 2 RF channels and AC adapter for remote. Also comes with Ladder and deck mounting, hardware and installation instructions manual.
<b>Pool Buster Max</b>  Pool Buster Max
The Pool Buster is a revolutionary new product that allows you to clean you pool in one-third of the time. Rechargeable battery powered, self-contained underwater swimming pool vacuum.
Pool Buster Slide Show

  <b>Commercial Pool Products</b>  Commercial Pool Products
Check out our large selection of Commercial Pool Products, Accessories & Supply. We also have the State-of-the-art horizontal sand filter, engineered by Pentair. Unlike any other on the market introducing the best in filter technology.
<b>▪ Inground Pool Pumps</b>  ▪ Inground Pool Pumps
While leading the industry in energy efficiency, our line of high performance pumps also operate for lower costs. Pumps are a durable, corrosion-free construction and full-flow hydraulics producing superior water flow.

▪ Above Ground Pump

  <b>▪ Inground Pool Filters</b>  ▪ Inground Pool Filters
Check out our large inventory of Sand, Cartridge, & D.E. swimming pool filter systems for above-ground & in-ground at wholesale prices. Also you will find a complete inventory of original equipment replacement filter parts and accessories.

▪ Above Ground Filters

<b>Automatic Chlorinator</b>  Automatic Chlorinator
Simple installation with the Hayward off line and AquaRite Chlorinators. Just a teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water is all you need for a salt generator. This salt is used over and over again to generate more chlorine, while never leaving your pool.
  <b>Swimming Pool Parts</b>  Swimming Pool Parts
Large selection of top quality Pool Parts and Pool accessories at guaranteed lowest prices. Cheap Pool Products knows parts; we have available, in stock, and ready for immediate shipment. So when you need new OEM, aftermarket, or replacement Pool parts think of Cheap Pool Products.
<b>Swimming pool Heat Pump</b>  Swimming pool Heat Pump
With saving you up to 80% in operating costs try Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump with this savings Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump could pay for itself in one year. Weather you just want to extend your swimming season or swim all year round.
  <b>Pool Heaters & Supply</b>  Pool Heaters & Supply
With the latest in Heating Technology for Swimming Pools and Spas, a pool heater is a wise investment. While it increases the value of you pool, a pool heater extends you swimming season.
<b>Swimming Pool<br> Mesh Safety Covers</b>  Swimming Pool
Mesh Safety Covers

You can be sure your family, your pool, and you investment will be safe and secure for years to come. Many more sizes available! Contact us at 1 800 990 8595 for a free price quotation!
  <b>Inground Solid Covers</b>  Inground Solid Covers
Solid covers are tough woven triple-laminated polyethylene with the heaviest and strongest material we can find. Warranties from 8 year, 12 year, and 15 year just choose the cover that fits you best.
Mesh Pool Covers

<b>Above-ground Pool <br> Winter Covers 4 Ft Overlap</b>  Above-ground Pool
Winter Covers 4 Ft Overlap

8 to 15 year (1 to 3 YEARS FULL RATED) round & oval pool sizes pool covers are heavy duty vinyl-coated cable and tightener that is anchored to the cover by rip proof metal grommets.
  <b>Swimming Pool<br> Solid Safety Covers</b>  Swimming Pool
Solid Safety Covers

Our Safety Covers meet or exceed ASTM standards. We have Stock Safety Covers in all Colors and Sizes.
<b>Ozone Generator <br>For Pools or Spas</b>  Ozone Generator
For Pools or Spas

The Delzone Eclipse units come with a manual. Please note that there is a separate parts bag that contains all/most parts needed for installation.

  <b>Jet Net Radio <br>Controlled Leaf Catcher</b>  Jet Net Radio
Controlled Leaf Catcher

Jet Net a radio controlled leaf catcher, is fun, easy and fast. Why not have fun while cleaning your pool. Jet Net comes with battery and charger. (In stock)
<b>Swimming Pool Maintenance</b>  Swimming Pool Maintenance
Order now our Deluxe Maintenance Kit: Included in kits are Vacuum Head, Vacuum Hose, Wall Brush, Hand Skimmer, Test Kit, 3 Piece Telepole, & Chrome Thermometer.
  <b>Pool Paint & Deck Coatings</b>  Pool Paint & Deck Coatings
Stain resistant and easy to clean Aqua Luster™ dries to a beautiful high gloss. Recoat all chlorinated and synthetic rubber as well as water based acrylic paints. It can be applied to bare concrete or plaster without a primer also successfully applied to damp surfaces. Call for Details.
<b>Oasis In-Ground <br>Drop-In Pool Step</b>  Oasis In-Ground
Drop-In Pool Step

Make entering and leaving your pool a breeze this season with our deluxe in-ground step. A perfect addition for any in-ground pool built without steps. These rugged steps are mad e from U.V. protected polyethylene to resist the harmful rays for the sun for years and years.
  <b>FINIS Championship Team Swimwear</b>  FINIS Championship Team Swimwear
HydroSpeed suits are comprised of Scalex fabric. This unique polyester blend provides inherit characteristics of stretch, strength and durability, offering a more custom and personal fitted suit that is resistant to chlorine and fading.
<b>Gifts For Spas</b>  Gifts For Spas
You will find a wide variety of gifts for Spas: Indulge in spa & bath fragrances, stereo system, and accessories. Also find the entire spa supplies needed to enjoy a clear and relaxing experience.
  <b>Gifts For Pools</b>  Gifts For Pools

Spectacular varieties and prices on all our Pool gifts, give that swimmer the incredible audio experience. SwiMP3 underwater MP3 player (to the left), will enhance your swim workout while listening to you own music.

<b>Unique Out Door Gifts</b>  Unique Out Door Gifts
Personalize your backyard or your loved ones with a lasting impression of a wide variety of unique outdoor gifts.
  <b>Patio Accessories & Lighting</b>  Patio Accessories & Lighting
Our solar lights automatically turn on at dusk and emit long-lasting radiance through out the night (even on cloudy days). The Designer Series lights feature the finest in solar technology. Litesounds Systems has 4 high quality speakers that receive a signal from wireless transmitter plugged into an outlet in your house. We also carry beautiful weather proof clocks and much more.
<b>Unique Sports Gifts</b>  Unique Sports Gifts
Huffy’s pool-side & portable basket ball hoop is great fun for any home with its composite backboard and Slam Jam breakaway rim. Floating Basketball Goal is always fun with the inflatable basketball. Huffy also has direct mount to accommodate all backboards or Pole with one extension arm.

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