American Spectrum Amerilite SAm Light

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American Spectrum Amerilite SAm Light
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American Spectrum Amerilite SAm Light
American Spectrum Amerilite SAm Light: Voltage 12, & 120, (Pentair)
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The SPECTRUM AMERLITE (SAm*) is the world's first underwater light that changes color at the flip of a switch. Unlike ordinary pool lights, SAm features unique electronic circuitry that allows you to control the color of the light emitted by its twin halogen quartz bulbs. Delivering a nearly limitless spectrum of mesmerizing color, SAm can bathe your pool in a custom color you select to suit your mood, or slowly roll through the entire spectrum in a luminous underwater display. Imagine transforming your pool into a unique and breathtaking aquatic environment right before your eyes. And for pools with more than one light, multiple SAm lights synchronize with one another to provide uniformly spectacular color from one end of the pool to the other.

Featured Highlights:
▪ Swimming colors available when used with IntelliTouch System
▪ Auto-color-roll w/IntelliTouch Synchronizes with PG2000
▪ UL Listed in full-size Pentair Pool Products/ PacFab/American/Purex niches
▪ Brilliant colors
▪ Exclusive Spectrum Color Roll
▪ Hold on custom color
▪ Controlled by a single switch
▪ White light equivalent of 300W Amerlite
▪ 4,000 hour halogen bulb life
▪ Simple 3-wire connection
▪ Color synchronization standard
▪ Great for new installations and for replacement of any Pentair Pool Products pool light.

Additional features include:
Patent# 6,379,025 Fits all full-size
Pentair/PacFab/American/Purex niches Bathes your pool in vibrant color at the flip of a switch.
Exclusive spectrum color roll for a dazzling light show right in your own pool.
Hold on custom color lets you select a color to suit your mood or backyard decor. Controlled by a single switch for convenience Produces white light comparable to that of 300 watt Amerlite 4,000 hour halogen bulb life minimizes relamping frequency. Same 3 wire installation as standard pool light.
One year limited warranty.
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