Polaris Pool Cleaner

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Polaris Pool Cleaner
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Polaris Pool Cleaner
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Automatic pool cleaners like you've never seen before. Our Polaris Pool Cleaners combine elegance and performance with their state of the art technology from the leading brand of automatic pool cleaners - Polaris. These Polaris Pool Cleaners do the cleaning by themselves; perfect for busy people. Enjoy pool cleaning without the hassle with our Polaris Pool Cleaners at the cheapest price.

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Polaris Pool Cleaner, Your Pool's Cleanliness Guard

Polaris Pool Cleaner

Polaris Pool Cleaner will guard your swimming pool's cleanliness and safety through its amazing features. This automatic pool cleaner is best for any inground pool needs to be cleaned at times. It is powered by double jets that can assure greater vacuum power and faster cleaning (as fast as 3 hours or less) and a separate Pool Booster Pump.

Polaris pool cleaner

Polaris Pool Cleaner can easily be connected to the pressure line and yet it doesn't do a simple cleaning. Instead, it can do all the sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming the bottom, walls, and steps of the pool all by itself. It can even trap large debris like pebbles and leaves using its own filter bag.

Polaris Pool CleanerPolaris Pool Cleaner

Polaris Pool Cleaner has its own booster pump that can work independently from the rest of the pool system. That feature makes it easier for the cleaner to do its duties. And in addition, it can prolong the life of the filtration system with the help of its unique filter bag just before it can reach the pump filter or basket.

Polaris Pool Cleaner's Other Benefits:

  • Hassle in Cleaning Reduction - has large canister that can hold debris up to 4 times more.
  • Faster cleaning of small and big debris - it can clean the bottom, walls and steps of swimming pool with any size and shape.
  • Built to last - made from the most durable materials that can assure of a long lasting performance.
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